ARM Single Board Computers

Novasom Industries designs and produces mainly ARM-based single board computers and embedded systems. All our industrial SBCs are the result of years of technical experience: they are designed to solve problems, not create them.

Novasom ARM single board computers are available in several standard configurations, but we are always ready to put our skill up to service of each of our partners creating tailor-made solutions to build custom products, that suit our customer’s needs.

All our boards have been built to work 24/7 for several years without giving any since they have been designed to serve industrial applications. Several of our products benefit from the same “SW”, as they are managed by the same file system compilation tool and have the same kernel and BSP managed with the same care.
For all our ARM based boards using Linux OS that we know could be not so easy to use for everyone, therefore we developed an extremely powerful software tool: NovaEmbed™. Thanks to this SW tool, programming a Linux single board computer gets very simple, and allows the developer to focus only on the application code without worrying about problems regarding the kernel, file system, the boot and so on.

This isn’t a myth, there are no surprises, no ifs or buts. Everything is guaranteed, also by our technical support.

With a Novasom board you do not buy only a Linux industrial single board computer, you buy a solution to your problems, our expertise and our support.

Here are our product lines:

NOVAsom M line

Designed for powerful multimedia applications, from the rising 4K to the “simplest” high frame rate FDH, where audio content or IR sensor interfaces are requested. But that isn’t all. An M-line board doesn’t just drive a 4K or an FDH monitor: it can drive any low level pheripheral you may need. And we do offer the most powerful graphic machine available in the market capable of driving up to three 4k displays simultaneously with H265 Hw decoding and much more.

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NOVAsom U line

Designed for Ultra Low Power applications where size , consuption and  battery management or even wearable multimedia is requested.
These are small ARM single board computers with minimum power consumption but can do more than you think thanks to the technology used and the optimization of our SW systems. Plus a direct RGB video channel, some GPIO ready for the field , and a battery charger and management you probably like.

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NOVAsom P line

Designed for low cost mid-size applications that require performing cpu with multimedia content. Our P-Line industrial ARM-based SBCs are small and easily hw expandable.
They come with just what is needed for many applications where the speed of problem solving and the cost are two fundamental aspects. And a mPCIe slot plus lot of GPIO guarantee immediate hardware scalability.

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NOVAsom S line

Linux-based boards designed for “impossible” applications to have the maximum HW expansion capabilities in complex industrial contexts. 64 bit architecture to maximize cpu performance, external enhanced rtc to extend battery life, expandable HW bus with industrial connectors and power stage or buffering techniques on GPIO make this object compliant with automotive, railway, military and other industrial requirements.

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NOVAsom N line

N-line are Linux-based single board computers specifically developed for ICT market, where a high TCP-IP computational rate and a lot of related ports are availiable. Thanks to our solution-oriented mind, we haven’t used the first strong multicore CPU availiable on the market, but choose an innovative Hardware TCP IP packet accelerator that guarantee unexpected level of performance on ethernet data streaming. And lots more, this is a technology step ahead.

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Tailor Made Products

Our single board computers are the result of years of engineering, they are designed to be adaptable to the needs of the customers and their production processes, and extremely complex. They allow us not only to populate and depopulate the Novasom boards if not to quick customize them, but also to reduce costs, because of the reduced number of components, and above all, to provide an increase in the mean time between failure (mtbf) performance and give you exactly what you need to solve your problems.

We solve problems , just call us.

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