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We have a solution for you


We have the industrial capability to build your products, or parts of them.

Our new production plant in the EU member, Romania, is able to assemble any portion of your Novasom based systems giving you the capability of having us supply up through complete assembly of your entire product, with installation of your software, or accessory like a display and or carrier board fully  assembled and tested, representing also a local support point for your European customer. We know completely how our products work.  We're able to build, manage, and solve problems and help you and your customer, starting from the production and procurement problems we have experienced every day for years.  And we can keep low cost having a stable and trusted supply chain from the Far East, managed by local person all the way thru our EU assembly plant and to our customers, because problems are solved by the people, and their close relationships.
The production is fully managed from start to finish under a complex and experienced ISO 9001 system, staffed with expert people who work with passion, and who use their own experience to cause things move smoothly even as problems appear. 

Let us be part of your internal manufacturing team!

We have the solution for you

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