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Novasom Industries SOMs


Novasom Industries designs and produces not only single board computers and embedded systems but also Systems On Module (SOM). All our industrial SOMs (as well SBCs) are the result of years of technical experience.

Novasom SOM (Systems On Module) are available in several standard form factors as SMARC 2.0, but we are always ready to put our skill up to service of each of our partners creating tailor-made or Custom solutions to meet our customer’s needs.
All our boards have been built to work 24/7 for several years, since they have been designed to serve industrial applications. Several of our products benefit from the same “SW”, as they are managed by the same file system compilation tool and have the same kernel and BSP managed with the same care.
Systems on Module SOM

Our SOMs are designed to be easily integrated into the customers’ applications and their production processes. Their design allows us to populate and depopulate the Novasom Industries boards (Tailor-Made Solution) thus achieving the desired configuration and reducing costs. We provide, in addition, standard carrier boards and, if you need something special, we can provide a 100% custom carrier designed on your needs.

This isn’t a myth, there are no surprises, no ifs or buts. Everything is guaranteed, also by our technical support. With a Novasom board you get not only an industrial single board computer, you get a solution for your projects. We can support you in all development phases of your project. We can supply also a complete & tested solution. Just ask!