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CE-FCC certification: Not every certification is the same…

The certification process of an electronics board, product in general is a fundamental quality step that needs to be done before start an industrial production.

This is not only because it is required by the law of many countries, but because it is required by the common “good sense and practice", and at the end of the game is also very fundamental to the good business results, by building parts that will not come back as defective or, worse, be a source of claims and damages. That’s much worse.
CE Certification Novasom Industries
FCC Certification Novasom Industries

Both CE-FCC certification tests, are made of a series of emitted-conducted tests, that mainly assure that the board, product you submit to the certification test resists to some “certain level” of conducted pulse-purge injected into its power line and does not perturb the normal working flow of the board (for the conducted), or, when the board is in its normal operating mode, it does not emit over a certain level from anywhere, including power plug or connection to sensors or actuators involved into this “normal operation mode”.

Those kinds of measurements (I want to call them measurements because this is what the certification process means, it’s a certified measure), is typically done by third part labs, so the results are replicable because the tests are done using a defined standard method, and done with integrity, because the reputation of the labs (and it’s authorization) to do its job is seriously in jeopardy otherwise. You are also assured that no profitability, marketing or sales pressure affects the “result”.

Thanks to this certified measurement, we (manufacturer of the board), and you (user of the board) are sure that the board will not be affected by EMC noise...
And if something strange happens, the problem is somewhere else.

A very good starting point for us, and for your investigation of the emissions problem because we’ve excluded the most complex and potential EMC source of the system

But, the certification result is a binary condition, the measurement is not.

The board can be certified with a huge margin of safety, or a minimum. It may be certified with a metal shield or without. It’s not the same…. Like driving w/o glasses. Yes you see but…

Take a moment to look to the complexity and detail of our certification measurement. First of all, all documentation is there ready to be shown as a sign of our seriousness, and to be used as a worksheet for the reasons above.

And notice that the overall Novasom production has been certified with a totally naked board, without even a partial metal shield.

While not evident this is an extremely important detail that assures you that the board has been done “well” also from this point of view, that there is no posthumous solution made after a failed certification.
Much better I think.

Yes, the DDR3-4 routing of the memory bus is more complex, may require a higher layer of PCB or a gold finished ground plane, as a more complex filtering stage to power, input or output, but this is the result.

Quality/Reliability. Measured and Certified.

This is a Novasom Board

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