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Different Thinking


A Novasom Industries’ SBC isn’t a SOM module that has to be integrated with a carrier board, but a single board computer card, instantly usable, flexible and expandable.
Novasom Industries SBC - Low cost

Low Cost

Novasom Industries SBC - zero time

Zero Time

Novason Industries SBC - Zero risk

Zero Risk

Apart from the claim of “modularity” at zero cost of the SOM platform (Q7 or SMARC), which we all know is just an idea that only works on paper, there is the serious problem of the time-costs and risks in development of a complex carrier as there is nothing on the SOM module (other than CPU, RAM and Pmic) and everything still be done which ties you down to using a specific SOM thereby freezing any possibility of flexibility.

In addition, the HW design of an industrial carrier, no matter how simple, can’t cost less than several months’ work by a team of hardware engineers for the board, software engineers for the BSP mapping on the new HW, the production of a couple of series of prototypes, a test engineer for the debugging and validation of the project and furthermore specialized personnel for certification (CE – Fcc – UL) mass production, product range support and return management.
Novasom Industries SBC low cost and zero time

How much does all of the above cost? More than you’d think in terms of costs and effort. Can you afford that?
Are you sure it is the right choice for you?
And getting your product out on the market on time will be a challenge.

Why take such an expensive risk when with a Novasom Industries’ SBC everything is up and running (as well as guaranteed and certified)?

We could keep the comparisons coming but… wouldn’t it be better to just try a Novasom Industries’ SBC?

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