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The applications that our customers face every day are complex challenges, where the presence of an SBC like the Novasom Industries’ SBC and/or SOM, which is stable, industrial, well-functioning and supported, is only one of the ingredients.

Fundamental, but not always enough. Our target it to accomplish all the customers’ requirements and let them SW engineers test them application Software on our board without struggling with hardware or Kernel - BSP level demand, because we know that our production process is there already stable and monitored to assure quality and stability in the production flow.

When you select your board, you select also a partner and this is one of the most critical decisions in your product development process.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to avoid mistakes. By our experience, the most common are:

  • Select a community board
  • Do not check vendor support
  • Don't give a clear specification
  • Do not check the quality of the software
  • Ignore the importance of the supplier's experience
  • Not understanding the manufacturing process

What can you do if who sold you your embedded board is a producer with no engineering infrastructure able to solve your problems?

Nothing. You made a mistake and now you must pay the price. But we are here to help you in the safest way driven by our experience.

If you choose a Novasom Industrial single board computer
If you choose a <strong>Novasom Industrial single board computer</strong>

You can count on an engineering infrastructure used to solve customers' problems. Our motto is: we provide solutions, not just products.

Our engineering support is so well organized that we offer as “standard item”, with a fixed price, the customization of our boards including the first run of 5 Alpha prototypes.

Our typical Flow

  • Product Specification: we take we take extremely care fixing all the requirements as initial and fundamental milestone of every project. Dedicated tools and experience on architectures of similar projects like yours are driving us.
  • Product Design: our engineering department designs using modern tools for simulation and routing, and a neighborhood approach with the customer’s engineering dept, meantime being constantly in contact with the biggest CHIP manufacturers and distribution chains to be updated on the new technology, keeping attention to longevity and reliability of the things we do up to the safety design. The concept is “industrial build to last”. Our root is our experience. Our modern and proactive project management approach will help us to fix your target in time and features.
  • Prototype Debugging and Testing: after a schematic design and a routing of the PCB, taking extremely care of the high speed section of our embedded things, our engineers build the Alpha – first run – of our prototypes using a solid and very well-known partner as assembly site, in order to be directly in contact with the production facility and solve the initial production problems. Fast and sure. The prototypes arrive in our labs and the initial debugging and testing phases start by installing the boot-OS, mapping the correct BSP and kernel drivers. It should be noted that our product portfolio allows us to reuse a lot of IP done in the past to deeply and completely test all the required features. Fast and safe.
  • Certification: if a certification is required, our labs are able to accomplish CE and FCC standards, as military or railway (like EN50155, Mil461e, etc.). All the certifications are done in Certified labs with 3rd part reports on all the EMC-ESD aspects.
  • Manufacturing & Support: after many years of production management, the experience of events drives us to forecast two different suppliers’ chains for two different products requirements. We have a EU-USA production plant that accomplish to the highest production standard and reduced reaction time (high costs), and two CN high volume and low cost manufacturing site. All productions are managed directly by us and, using our EOL test machines, constantly monitored by our Quality dept. But because we know that problems may occur, particular attention has been posted to the after sales support. Because the customers’ production flow can’t be stopped.

You’re never alone with a Novasom board!

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