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Fast & low cost solution, not just a board…  A solution

Fast & inexpensive solution, not just a board… A solution

Needs push us to work with what we have, focusing on the complex application we need to do and the overall problem we are facing. This sometimes happens, then it’s too late and we find ourselves with a complex inefficient not so low cost system solution due to added “stuff”: adapters and so on.

Novasom Industries U5 is a rugged industrial option for HMI, designed as a cost-effective solution offering

U5-low power and ultra low power consumption
Ultra-low power consumption CPU with a real Linux system
U5-Battery management / UPS management
Battery management / UPS manager
U5-Video Output Ready
Video output ready for 40 pin RGB display
Wi-Fi-BT module plus the expandable/integration of our Raspmood approach

Unique Selling Points


It's a complete SBC, not a SOM


Power supply 5V, optional 6,5 to 18V


RGB FPC display port with power supply for the back-light too


1 Ethernet 100 M + 1 USB type A+ 1 on strip + WiFi/BT


Various GPIO, A/D, I2C, SPI, UART 2xRS232 (1 for Console) + 1xCAN


UPS manager with external battery

U5 - Fast and inexpensive

Typical Applications


Low end



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