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Novasom is an industrial product, the result of a careful selection process of components and design techniques refined over years and years of improvement and experience.
Novasom SBC Industrial product
The “industrial grade” semiconductors that we use, starting with the CPU the RAM, the Flash even down to the capacitors, are much more expensive than “commercial grade” ones because they are the product of complex production processes, severe quality cycles and the hardest testing.

Long Life Expectancy

All this translates in to a much longer life expectancy. Years, not months. None of this is quite so obvious until you have a problem, which is exactly what we are trying to prevent for our customers.

Furthermore, all Novasom Industries’ HW is carefully tested with tough thermal cycles and electromagnetic compatibility trials, not just because it is a legal requirement in many markets (the American FCC and the European CE) but also because these are tests that serve to guarantee that the product works properly at all times.

This is a critical point on which we invested.  100% of our boards are tested with a sophisticated testing machine that generate a full test report for each board. AND, these tests are accessible to the end user! So, when you get one Novasom Industries’ board you do not get “just a board”, you obtain and Industrial Product together with its complete test and certification history. This is real added value hardly found outside.

A Novasom board is designed to solve problems not create them.

This is why we solve problems and provide solutions.

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