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Arrow Electronics has completed a new distribution agreement with Novasom Industries, a global engineering company that develops advanced technology solutions for products and processes in the fields of embedded electronics. The agreement covers the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).




A GLOBAL agreement for GLOBAL support. Arrow is the global distributor of Novasom Industries. Wherever you are in the world, you can ask your Arrow sales representative about our SOLUTION approach to your problem. With or without our available integrated displays, our wide range single board computer solutions are now always available. A step ahead of solution providers.

NOVAsom Industries engineers have solved several problems of native software on our own file system and standard distributions like Ubuntu.

#NOVASOMINDUSTRIES. Our R&D announce that’s we can guarantee a #UBUNTU package installation on our NOVAsom platform, able to well work with HW #Vivante GPU of the #IMX6 class cpu from #FREESCALE. As u may know there was some problem from the community, so nobody was able to work with the HW GPU avoiding to enhance it’s strong decoding capability during a #MPG4 playing. This before of us. Now is possible, on a Novasom board. Other packages installation: Archlinux, GeeXboX, OpenMandriva, OpenSuse, OpenWrt