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Android as OS? Not for industrial...

Android is a very good OS

which has already revolutionized our lives. Now everything should be touch, drag & drop, connected, or it is not perceived as fresh, modern, updated.

This could be right, when those aspects are fundamental for the application you need to do..

What about the reliability of your system?

Who know why a new telephone is unusable after 2 years normal use?

Why? Because Android is continuously being updated by the “manufacturer” to support new multimedia formats, and increase its security level.

And this adds a layer of software to an OS-application that’s already very fat itself.
And our poor telephone, also done by a quad-core will soon be unable to support it anymore and will start being lazy, non-responsive and so on.

Is this suitable for an industrial application?

We think no, absolutely not. An industrial application has reliability as one of its most important characteristics.

Work work and never stop.

Moreover, the usage of Android is from complex to very complex when the things to do from a SW point of view are different from the few things thought to be simple at a smartphone level, such as playing a YouTube film, browsing the net or using apps, again targeted by the developer to be used on a phone, not on an industrial, always on, object.

Last, but not least, Android is heavy, heavy and fat. It’s a RAM memory and CPU Dmips eater. Modern ARM CPUs are 100 times the capability of the old MCUs without any OS, and sometimes we cannot obtain the same responsivness while touching a button….this is a fact.

Android is a nice OS, if you need to make a phone, or something similar that could work or not.

Otherwise, take extremely care of what you use as HW that should be Android native, and how you program, or prepare to lose a lot of time to understand why it doesn’t do what you want…

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