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M-LINE - Single Board Computer Novasom Industries designed for powerful multimedia applications

The M-line was created for those advanced multimedia applications

Where the computing power and the presence of specific HW accelerators, are needed as much as the advanced connectivity to various kinds of displays while maintaining the classic low-level industrial connectivity.


The latest product of the M line is Novasom M9 which joins the well-established M7 and M7Plus. This SBC is based on the prestige Rockchip 3399. This CPU offers the new Cortex A72’s performance and the multicore Quad A53 used to speed-up parallelism and lower consumption when needed, with one of the strongest GPU available on the market: the Mali-T860MP4. This board has been minded to offer the latest and strongest video input-output capability, while minding to our RASPMOOD approach with USB extender and low level GPIO to assure the compatibility with the famous community board’s started application.

The other products which use a Rockchip CPU are the Novasom M7 and M7Plus (M7+). Both are based on the Rockchip RK3328, a 4X A53 processor. These boards (M7 and M7+) can drive UHD (4k) displays, have USB 3&2, HDMI interface and support Linux and Android OS. Are specifically designed to replace immediately and easily the Pi3 with an Industrial object, from a HW and a SW point of view, thanks to the RASPMOOD approach. On Novasom M7 and M7+ your application SW written in Armbian (Debian) can be mounted without any SW change and the mechanical holes and strip pin are the same and in the same position of the Pi3. In addition, the M7+, has a dedicated connector with RS485, a second strip with replica of USB 2/3 and can be powered also via µUSB.

Another board from M-Line is the Novasom M11. Based on the new Intel Apollo Lake x5, 6th generation of Atom CPU with Microsoft Windows 10 and Linux, are designed for the typical digital signage applications that require heavy Full HD movies or UHD (4k) to be managed with high fluidity by specific heavy SW or, often, multiple displays.

These boards (with an HW H265 decoder on board) are rugged, practically cold while working, also in extended range temperature, and with 10 years of availability, because we use only industrial components. Are equipped with our unique dual power input for redundancy and the UPS manager with battery, you can work 24/7 without any problem (a must with Windows based systems). In particular, M7Plus and M9 boards can be used in medical electrical equipment applications, in accordance with the standards IEC 60601-1 and REG UE 475/2017.

The market asks also for Linux, Android OS and Windows 10 IoT so we developed the Novasom M8 to respond to these “entry level” requirements, even the most severe, we have equipped the M-line entry level with the strongest Designed for Android performing CPU for graphics purposes on the market today (Qualcomm Snapdragon), and defined our SBC to become a small, easily integrated, low level, capable product.

  • M-LINE | Novasom Industries Single Board Computer - complete solution
  • M-LINE | Novasom Industries Single Board Computer - M7 Plus
  • M-LINE | Novasom Industries Single Board Computer - complete solution
  • M-LINE | Novasom Industries Single Board Computer - complete solution
  • M-LINE | Novasom Industries Single Board Computer - complete solution
  • Intel Apollo Lake x5
  • Windows 10
  • 10years warranty - M-LINE - Novasom Industries Single Board Computers
  • 4K Ultra HD - M-LINE - Novasom Industries Single Board Computers
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • FULL HD - M-LINE - Novasom Industries Single Board Computers
  • FULL HD - M-LINE - Novasom Industries Single Board Computers
Yocto available on Novasom M7

modulo M7Plus vs Others

Main differences and why choose Novasom M7PLUS

SDK-NOVAEMBED - software


An instrument through a graphical interface, allows you to configure the linux kernel in a simple and intuitive thus optimizing the performance of the card.

The latest of the M family is the M9 where performance, is added beyond the M7.
This board has excellent graphics capabilities (4K) with high flexibility in connecting various displays like eDP, HDMI, MIPI and other units. It also has USB2, USB3, USBC3.1, Audio, and much more like M2 slot 4 lanes. Last but not least, it is designed according to the RASPMOOD design.

Unique Selling Points

  • M-boards are complete SBCs with immediate bootstrap (are not a SOM that needs a carrier)
  • Native Android support O.S. (M8, M7 & M7Plus, M9)
  • Native Windows 10 and Linux (M11)
  • Clean Shutdown Manager with optional any size battery and Protected Power Input
  • Totally cool design
  • HD Audio and Optical SPDIF
  • mPCIe interface slot (M11) and M2 slot (M9)
  • Dual Ethernet with Poe PD capability with different MAC address (M11)
  • Fluidity and no scratch on Heavy FHD play guaranteed (also on UHD for M11)
  • Certified board

Warranty and Certification

warranty of NOvasom Industries products




No more files corruption & destruction of MicroSDs thanks to our Clean Shutdown Manager
The only way to warrant reliability and a real 24/7 operation


Our U5, M7, M7Plus, M8 and M9 boards are made according to the RASPMOOD design.


RASPMOOD means form factor, mechanical holes, expansion pin on strip, connector kind and position same as the famous Pi Family.

Today 5 different standard products are available

  • Rockchip RK3328
  • 4xA53
  • RASPMOOD design
  • support Android and Linux
  • UHD H265


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  • based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E CPU
  • RASPMOOD design
  • supports Android
  • Linux
  • Windows 10
  • IoT


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  • Rockchip RK3328
  • 4xA53
  • RASPMOOD design
  • support Android and Linux
  • UHD H265
  • Extra functions respect RASPMOOD design


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  • Rockchip RK3399
  • 2xA72 + 4xA53
  • RASPMOOD design
  • Support Android and Linux
  • UHD H265
  • Supports MIPI, eDP and HDMI display
  • Extra functions respect RASPMOOD design
with Intel Apollo Lake6th gen. Dual and Quad core that support Windows 10 and Linux

For details see the line brochure or the line standard product list or the line quick fact sheet


Our single board computers are designed to be adaptable to the needs of the customers and their production processes. Their design allows us to populate and depopulate the Novasom boards (Tailor-Made Solution) thus achieving the desired configuration and reducing costs.
If Tailor-made Solution is not enough, it is possible to Customize a standard board. We are so skilled and organized in doing this that we have a dedicated article named “SBC Customization” with a fixed price that includes the engineering service to customize one Novasom SBC plus one run of 5 Alpha prototypes.

Just call us

We have the solution for you


The Novasom Industries SBC basic Development Kits are made by one Novasom Industries board, Micro SD 4GB with SDK and SW demo, power supply wall plug, console cable, instructions to download the SDK loaded into a working VM, where everything is installed, configured and nothing additional needs to be done.

But the most important available thing is our support to help you to start.

Contact us using the tickets in the support section.

Our engineering team guarantees the success of your application installation.