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Novasom Industries U-LINE single board computers - Designed for low and ultra-low power applications

Designed for low and ultra-low power applications

especially in the IoT & HMI fields where there is no particular demand for multimedia power.

Novasom Industries' U1 is little like a postal stamp, includes a Wi-Fi/BT module, a dual core CPU with a RT O.S, some, ready to use in the field, GPIO and some analog input. Probably is the smallest SBC available on the market.

  • Novasom Industries U1 Single Board computer
  • Novasom Industries U1 Single Board computer

Novasom Single Board Computer - U5


Novasom Industries' U5 is a small board, approximately credit card size, that consumes little power, but that can do much more than what you think thanks to the ARM core A7 and the optimization of our SW systems. Arrives with all necessary to guarantee an immediate bootstrap, driving an RGB display with its backlight and touchscreen, connecting via Ethernet and USB plus one strip for GPIO expansion. In particular, the U5 board can be used in medical electrical equipment applications, in accordance with the standards IEC 60601 and REG UE 475/2017.

  • Novasom Industries U5 Single Board computer
  • Novasom Industries U5 Single Board computer

SDK-NOVAEMBED - software


An instrument through a graphical interface, allows you to configure the linux kernel in a simple and intuitive thus optimizing the performance of the card.


This unit has been defined to quickly develop small and cost effective HMI for industrial applications, and make possible IoT and Smart Devices, for portable or wearable devices including Li-ion battery management features for solar panel input.


Our U5, M7 and M8 boards are made according to the RASPMOOD design


RASPMOOD means form factor, mechanical holes, expansion pin on strip, connector kind and position same as the famous Pi Family.

Today 2 different standard products (with different configurations) are available

  • processor ESP32@240MHz
  • 374 kb RAM
  • Wi-Fi/BT
  • GPIO
  • Free RT OS
  • UPS manager with external battery
  • Reduced dimensions: 37,5 mm x 31 mm
  • RASPMOOD design
  • several interface
  • two different Wi-Fi/BT modules availablePIO
  • Linux OS
  • Power supply 5V, optional 6.5 to 18V
  • RGB FPC display port with power supply for the backlight too
  • RTC with extarnal battery connector and on board resistive touch controller
  • Various GPIO, A/D I2C, SPI, UART 2xRS232 (1 for Console) + 1xCAN
  • UPS manager with external battery

For details see the line brochure or the line standard product list or the line quick fact sheet


Our single board computers are designed to be adaptable to the needs of the customers and their production processes. Their design allows us to populate and depopulate the Novasom boards (Tailor-Made Solution) thus achieving the desired configuration and reducing costs.
If Tailor-made Solution is not enough, it is possible to Customize a standard board. We are so skilled and organized in doing this that we have a dedicated article named “SBC Customization” with a fixed price that includes the engineering service to customize one Novasom SBC plus one run of 5 Alpha prototypes.

Just call us

We have the solution for you


The Novasom Industries SBC basic Development Kits are different for U1 and U5 boards.

The one for U1 is made by one Novasom Industries U1A board, programmer and rechargeable battery. The SW is available on our site in the support section.

The one for U5 is made by one Novasom U5 board, Micro SD 4GB with SDK and SW demo, power supply wall plug, console cable, instructions to download the latest version of NOVAembed™ tool with BSPFactory™ loaded into a working VM, where everything is installed, configured and nothing additional needs to be done.
For the U5 available also is the Extended Development Kit that includes, in addition, an LVDS touch 5” with all needed cables to be directly connected to the Novasom U5 board.

But the most important available thing is our support to help you to start.

Contact us using the tickets in the support section.

Our engineering team guarantees the success of your application installation.