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Secure boot

The (well) working of your system, depends on the integrity of your application.

While you’re doing an ATM cash machine or a casino slot, imagine how it could be fun for somebody to charge your machine with a different software….This is exactly what they do. The mostly used level of hacking a machine to allow fraudulent use, is to change the application software and allow something not usually allowed.

Obviously, this need to be done by somebody that knows exactly how this machine works but…is really possible and not that uncommon.

To avoid that for these types of systems , a Novasom board can be equipped with a secure boot function, that writes on a hardware section of the CPU itself, a set of hardware fuses being burned with a code that depends on the binary vision of the specific application you’ve signed as trusted.

One different bit, will change this binary sign, and the board will not bootstrap anymore.

And bye bye fraudulent use, the board is simply halted and does not bootstrap anymore and must be replaced.

Really nothing to do. The process is so restricted, that nobody can do anything. Neither us nor the cpu manufacturer, and even in the case of software update (real and trusted one) a new cpu with new burned digital “footprint” is required, or the system will not bootstrap again.

This is our level of security, because we think industrial.

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