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Experience is the greatest value in the world generally, but is fundamental in our embedded electronics world because both time and certainty are money.

Experience means somebody has already done something, understood how to do it, solved small and big problems that may just be tedious but simple or be a simple waste of time, to seemingly insurmountable obstacles where you can lose days, nights, and patience and get wrapped up in a knot.

Things in our embedded world are not so simple, and without the benefit of experience it is easy to get wrapped up in problems which are always present and are ready to block or seriously delay a project.

How to avoid this situation?

Consider that you accept that you do not build a semiconductor because someone else with experience has already done it. The same with a single board computer. Someone else with experience has already done it.

Moreover, and this is the experience that talk of, from the electrical schematic of a board, you have less than 30% of the entire job done. Without significant, do it every day, experience low level software such as BSP mapping, and driver integration into the kernel may be a fatal trap, as well as all the industrialization job from the tracking of your product to the development of the testing machine. It’s a huge amount of job to be done, and require years of skilled engineer’s and investment that makes sense only for several thousand boards, probably every month.

Couldn’t your time be better used focusing on what you have experience in and leave the hardware and low level software to us?

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