Specifically tailored HIL to meet particular business needs
Developing HIL systems
 that will focus on fulfilling specific circuit needs of your particular system.
This is what we do. 

This is the opposite approach to the commercial off-the-shelf model, where you have to use “what’s out there” and it will never fit exactly what you need.

Circuit of hundreds and hundreds of components, multiple CPUs, multiple layers became the normality of a product. Adding then features related with respect of ISO or EN testing rules, test point for production testing, safety features needed “just in case” will complete a very complex scenario from catalog Hardware point of view.

  • How to test it in real condition?
  • How to validate your project in all the scenarios and failure mode, specially when security features are needed?
  • How to inject a fault in a circuit?
  • How to simulate a current drain from a capacitor and see if the CPU understands the fault?
  • How to measure an oscillator without stopping it?

We can answer these questions by using our HIL or developing custom extension board (Hardware in the loop system), that include CAN, Ethernet, I2C, SPI as AD readings or any other “weird and specific” input we deem reasonable to test your circuit and give you flexibility and answers.


The custom Hardware in the loop systems are complex, sometimes expensive and heavy. But you’ll save time, effort, and money in the long run. So it’s the only right solution for a complex problem. And we have been doing it for our customers for over 20 years.

We have developed an architecture, that is typically based on a backplane, a power-main CPU board which can read commands from a high-level C-C++ system), and a series of I/O boards that can be expanded and maintained, all going to a proper nail bed defined for a particular PCB that sometimes integrates a special heatsink to dissipate thermal energy from contact with hundreds of nails.

Our guarantee 

This isn’t a myth, there are no surprises, no ifs or buts. Everything is guaranteed, also by our technical support. With a Novasom products you get not only a HIL system, you get a solution for your projects. We can support you in all development phases of your project. We can supply also a complete & tested solution. Just ask!