An industrial vending machine needs, not only to interface with the optimum display for the application, but with all the low level hardware that manage the mechanics and subcomponents of the system


This requires the flexibility that only a Novasom Industries SBC can offer in driving a display, easily changing displays in a design, with its Novaembed programming tool, up to the Novapc level, by solving all the FFC cable – driver – touchscreen level issues.


The Novasom Industries boards also manage all the low level processes, enabling you to drive your serial line, RS232/485 or USB as needed. Also the connectors are usually a big sore point in any design, and the Novasom Industries’ solution philosophy leaves these choices open for mass production to allow you to make your choice, not be restricted by what is on a standard board.
And with the emergence of the desire for an “android like” experience, provided with the Novasom Industries Industrial boards, some choices like the use of a commercial tablet can create significant problems during the life of your industrial machine.


Try a Novasom Industries board, with its “O.S. fully loaded in RAM” and see the stability difference.

If you think “Industrial” you think “never stop”.