Healthcare and Medical

Healthcare and Medical

Healthcare and Medical

Over the last few years Single Board Computers have found their way into major medical equipment thru their ability to provide more reliable healthcare solutions.


Novasom ‘s SBCs offer features components such as microprocessor, storage, and memory bundled into a single circuit board with all the low level software included.


Novasom Industries’ single board computers do not compromise on function for their compact designs. Customers have optimized the designs of customized medical monitoring services, medical electronic devices, and fault tolerant wearable computers by using our SBCs.


In particular, the M7Plus, M9 and U5 are the most suitable Novasom boards for medical applications, in compliance with the standard IEC 60601.


However if your application is extremely complex and you need “something different” you can choose our SOM that can be integrated in your specific carrier.
Whether you are working on a healthcare self-service kiosk, medical patient information system or a clinical diagnostic instrument, Novasom Industries has a solution for your product.


  1. The Power
  2. The Reliability
  3. The Versatility


of our boards enables you to focus on fine-tuning your product’s functions instead of worrying about the hardware or low level software required to fulfil its potential


Our Boards offer to manufacturers the technology they need in the face of the medical industry’s demands for reliable, energy-efficient, portable devices that are built to last. We are a step ahead, we have embedded, in some of our boards, a UPS, to help users manage blackouts, and we added immediate usable I/O to be ready for the field.  While connecting any kind of display and touchscreen, a Novasom Industries Board makes possible, like no one else, a share-stream information experience up to an audio/video interaction between patients and doctors.  A Novasom Industries board has been designed to do that. It can host cameras and displays of various technologies, audio devices and WiFi cards, sensors or actuators that need to be managed at a low level. And if troubles occur, we have real support for the Americas and EMEA that can help you to solve your problems.