Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics


Novasom Industries originating as an engineering company in the public and commercial transport market began, within the last few years, to provide standard and custom SBCs and/or SOMs for the general market and has maintained a high proficiency level in the transportation market with ongoing custom engineering contracts with its historical customers.


As you know the transportation industries harsh environment places heavy demand on their systems. As a result, the embedded systems that support this industry must be powerful, rugged, reliable, 24/7 operation like those provided by Novasom Industries.

Novasom Industries has developed a wide range of rugged systems perfect for the application on mobile IT infrastructures. These products serve as ideal solutions for:
  1. Vehicle monitoring
  2. Location tracking applications
  3. Public announcement systems
  4. Passenger information systems
  5. Enhanced communications
  6. Passenger countings
  7. Fleet management
  8. Security and surveillance systems


Various solutions are available starting from the SBC alone, A SOM with carrier, a complete system including the display with touch functions up to full custom solutions integrating all the components in one case.


For these Boards special attention has been dedicated to environment where they have to be installed; power stage and architecture have been designed to be compliant with specific rules and tests (like the en50155), and to be mechanically rugged to survive to shock and vibration. A Novasom Industries board with CAN bus, RS485 and a strong protected power supply, combined with the flexibility of a Single Board Computer provides the robustness and stability of a dedicated system.