Distributed intelligence, of extremely low power consumption and of low cost devices, along with the capability of connecting, in the field, sensors and actuators


This is what we have considered in the design of our Novasom Industries’ boards. We start with the little U1 following up with the U5 with:


  1. Ethernet

  2. RS 232/485


Both immediately available with:

  1. protected GPIO able to drive a power switch or read a temperature sensor or read a switch

  2. a bettery for backup when a blackout arrives and a battery charger-manager


While the U1 is probably the smallest SBC with WiFi-BT node available on the market, the U5 is a rugged industrial SBC able to drive a display and, like the U1, gives you a 24/7 services for many years without any problem.


However if the HMI you need is a more complex unit, or if you want to give to your user a Win10, Win10 IoT or an Android experience, do not try to fit a square peg into a round hole: our M8, M9 and M11 platforms are native with these O.S. so it is already done with nothing else needed for you to be able to load your application. All this is also available, with any display you specify into a NovaPC solution, where connectors, cables, driver and touchscreen task are solved.