Internet of Things (IoT) is a nice term

Everybody is talking about it


It appears everywhere on the web and in print.
All sounds great until you jump into the price game and the real usability of the SBC you are thinking of using to add intelligence to your washing machinefridge, or your home’s doorlock. Cost need to be next to nothing (who want to spend more?), usability must be plug and play, including buffered IOWiFi-BT connections that really work (you are not thinking to wire your home right?) and a battery charger-manager for black out situations. Once implemented, your product needs to work 24/7. Probably you have tried a few small SBCs that you found on the market, and understood that they freeze and do not work after a few hours. It is a problem! This happens because those easy and cheap objects, have not been designed to industrial standards like we have done within our U1-U5 line of product.

Ours are made with:


  1. rugged industrial CPUs that consume nothing
  2. are C/C++ programmable
  3. proprietary Linux kernel
  4. a battery charger manager needing only a battery added
  5. real working WiFi-BT able to sleep and wake up without losing the connection with the main net