Full Turnkey Products

Our products  are designed to be adaptable to the needs of the customers and their production processes. Our long experienced engineering process  , as the flexibility of our long term supplier allows us to reach desired configuration and reducing costs.

This isn’t a myth, there are no surprises, no ifs or buts.

Every skilled person doing business in the products world know very well that bugs and problem free products simply does not exist .With a Novasom Industries products , any coming problems will have a solution . This is is guaranteed, by our seriousness and technical support at any level of products : development, testing and validation or production. With a Novasom products  you get not only an industrial level products , you get a solution for your projects made by engineers for engineers. We can support you in all development phases of your project and supply also a complete , tested  and certified products ready to jump into EU or USA market . Just ask!