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Novasom Industries Single Board Computers have all of the capacity required to perform most automation tasks and, when needed, can be “specialized “ thanks to specific extension boards.


These computers have some significant advantages over using a typical embedded computer for the applications to which single board computers are often put.


Our SBCs are very small. This allows them to be embedded in devices where space is very limited. The SBCs have also very low power consumption that allows a fanless design.
But high reliability and a “never stop” design philosophy sometimes are not enough.
As mentioned above, the industrial automation world needs to integrate specific – proprietary bus and software. Profibus or EtherCAT hardware, SQL or SCADA software are often compulsory.

But if your application is extremely complex and you need “something more” you can choose our SOM that can be integrated in your specific carrier.


The Novasom Industries’ boards have been designed to be


  1. flexible
  2. open
  3. stable
  4. support all needs in any way


Moreover, all the Novasom Industries’ hardware has been developed considering the worst conditions where noise and EMC problems are everyday life.
We support our customers to make possible what seems impossible, from the hardware connections up to the software issues.
Our design processes, from the architecture of the board to its OS, have always considered leaving “the door“ open for solutions to the problems coming tomorrow from the field.