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New collaboration tool for Novasom Industries’ customers

We, Novasom Industries are pleased to announce a new collaboration tool that will simplify and speedup the engineering relationship with all our customers.

This tool, based on a Redmine database, has been configured by our R&D to allow our valued customer access to their projects made with a Novasom product easily, immediately and in a structured way that allows optimum information sharing and tracking.
Collaboration tool

This tool will allow both the project managers to follow the project’s progress, as the engineers highlight bugs or support request in their specific projects, while sharing data of the project though a versioned repository and in a safe secure way.
Moreover, this archive, different for any customer’s team group, is directly linked to our SVN repository, and will offer a wiki and news dashboard, to share information quickly.

This will help our team to directly work with our customer’s team fast, deeply and better, and increment the real and perceived value of working with Novasom Industries’ team.

Collaboration tool

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