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Dr. Ing. Christian Carrieri
CEO & Founder

Novasom comes on board at Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics has completed a new distribution agreement with Novasom Industries, a global engineering company that develops advanced technology solutions for products and proc

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Embedded World 2017

Novasom Industries is pleased to announce its participation in the Embedded World 2017 (14-16 March 2017 // Nuremberg, Germany) You can find us at the booth of ARROW (Hall 4A / 4A-

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Arrow as a GLOBAL partner

A GLOBAL agreement for GLOBAL support. Arrow is the global distributor of Novasom Industries. Wherever you are in the world, you can ask your Arrow sales representative about our S

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GPU full turbo

NOVAsom Industries engineers have solved several problems of native software on our own file system and standard distributions like Ubuntu.

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Graphics capability and innovative multiple 4K driving monitor.

Coming soon NOVAsom9 and NOVAsom10 Future is more and impressive communicating. Furure is more power to do it Future coming is NOVAsom9, with freescale imx6plus CPU and NOVAsom10 w

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Kernel LINUX “real embedded”

Thanks to our engineering capability, we’ve  modified the standard kernel of linux available on the community to use RAM memory as OS memory instead of the classic approach th

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New packages installation on NOVAsom platform

#NOVASOMINDUSTRIES. Our R&D announce that’s we can guarantee a #UBUNTU package installation on our NOVAsom platform, able to well work with HW #Vivante GPU of the #IMX6 class

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Yocto Chromium

We can announce a very important result: there’s a running chromium browser on our NOVAsom platform running Yocto Dizzy available with graphic acceleration.

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EMC Test

Electromagnetic compatibility tests performed on NOVAsom8 , imx6 platform passed with success @first test! Milan , Italy , 3th of Nov 2014 , Novasom imx6’s platform has been test

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