Totally Cool Design

Totally Cool Design

With the growth in computational power provided by the new generation A72-73 multicore CPUs, heat generation has again become a problem after years of reducing consumption that had allowed us to forget about it in previous designs.

The A53 low-consumption technology we use in to our M7 allows our engineers to make a totally cold design that does not require a heatsink or fan using thermal vias to dissipate what little heat that is generated. And our new and powerful M9, which is A72 based, uses the big-little architecture having a heterogeneous 2xA73+4xA53 that drops-down the average consumption which keeps heat generation from introducing major problems. Indeed, the unit, can properly work at any level with only one heatsink – and its own dimension depending on the maximum ambient temperature -The M9 operates as a fan less cool design that will protect the unit from any noisy thermal shut-down and avoids these major failure points for long term 24/7 high reliability applications. Not a problem for the Novasom board…designed and built to last. Our mindset is “Switch On and Forget”.

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