Hardware approach to data protection

Hardware approach to data protection

Pin, password, SMS, email with face recognition and passcode, or random generators in the app, A2F, and SW token. No matter how complicated and secure your data protection may seem, the purely informational software approach is not foolproof, the story tells us that everything will be broken. It’s a matter of time. If you want things done well, do them the smart way.


Novasom Industries’ approach is in a trustworthy hardware style. We have developed some USB or BT solutions that can be fully customized by the end clients with their own application software that will give the key holder physical access to it. It will then be secured with a pin-password, etc.

No hardware keys can be hacked remotely like software keys, it’s a fact and not an opinion.

If you are looking for a higher level of security, consider using hardware keys. One more advantage is that they might not require a mobile or internet connection to work, and the application layer it’s totally free to the customer to generate a unique solution. Uniqueness makes strength in data protection.

We continue to drive for this protection in innovation.

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