Simulation of circuits. Our experience that becomes your strength

Simulation of circuits. Our experience that becomes your strength

Talk with the owner Dr. Ing. Christian Carrieri, CEO President:

Novasom Industries is the hardware manufacturer, an Italian brand with a 25-year history on the market. It’s in our DNA to be more inclined to make what we need and test it than to model it accurately.

Over many years of experience, we have learned the hard way that simulating the core function of our circuit, especially when it comes to analog requirements, is a necessary insurance policy for project success. At the beginning, not after.

Advanced features:

we’re able to simulate all the flow and it’s a huge chain (electronics, PCB design, prototype makers, mechanical, engineering) that can solve an infinite amount of problems compared with working with a separate company or without a fully simulated process.

This high level of engineering approach allows us to focus on the main problems, sometimes hidden and not so clearly defined or visible, and significantly speed up the project development by eliminating long and uncertain validation stages.

Reliability increases a lot, and that’s what we need to do. Electronics that will work forever, in any conditions. Core simulating is the right way to go.

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