Solution oriented approach

Time is of the essence, “the market won’t wait”, and you can’t do everybody’s job.

Different thinking

The reasons why a Novasom Industries’ board is different from those of our various worldwide competitors are numerous, the most insidious being the hidden ones.

Industrial product

Novasom is an industrial product, the result of a careful selection process of components and design techniques refined over years and years of improvement and experience.

Engineering and support

The applications that our customers face every day are complex challenges, where the presence of an SBC like the Novasom Industries’ SBC, which is stable, industrial, well-functioning and supported, is only one of the ingredients.

Why choose Novasom

There are many reasons to choose our deveopment capability , but the most important is our experience.

Our industrial products design technology have been refined in years of experience in industrial problem solving, working side by side with our customers to deliver products that perfectly fit their specific needs.

Our industrial products  might comes with different sets of features to serve different specific purposes; however, they all share three important characteristics that are fundamental for industrial applications: safety, stability and flexibility.

Each of our standard solutions  ( tipically an SBC customized) is ready to be used for many specific applications with most of the big problems already solved .

We can surely add value to your project, working together on your needs, up through the design of a finished product specifically developed for your project.

Our sales and engineering team is available to work with your team to clearly understand your application. By fully understanding what you are doing now we can jointly arrive at the best solution, whether from our standard line of single Board Computers products or from a custom design that utilizes our experience and IP from our current product’s portfolio along with our new and ongoing projects with Intel, Qualcomm, NXP , ST , combined with any additional design that meets your actual needs.

Please contact us for more detailed discussion of your requirements and further information.

Remember: you do not buy only a Novasom Industries’ product, you buy our expertise, our know-how, along with our assistance to reach your target. On time with no surprises.

Choosing Novasom Industries you are not just choosing a supplier but a partner that can guarantee its products’ reliability and performance, as well as constant support.