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Novasom Industries SOMs

SOM Modules

Novasom SOM (Systems On Module)  are available in SMARC 2.0 standard. Our SOMs are meant to be appropriate choice for building embedded products based on a standard CPU module with standard PC core functions and a Carrier board with customer specific functions.

Our SOMs are designed to be a solution for our customers who are looking for flexibility in their embedded application. Their design allows us to populate and depopulate the Novasom Industries SOMs (Tailor-Made Solutions) thus achieving the desired configuration and reducing costs.

If our standard Carrier boards are not suitable for your applications, then we can easily customize them according to your needs.

All our boards have been built to work 24/7 for several years, since they have been designed to serve industrial applications. Several of our products benefit from the same “SW”, as they are managed by the same file system compilation tool and have the same kernel and BSP managed with the same care.