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Industrial Grade Product

It’s very easy to say industrial and be happy. Or to read industrial grade somewhere and be happy again. The problems start when the dream ends. A very bad wake up! And now it’s too late to change the setup of your project, so you have to run and try to reduce damages and losses.


Why industriAl garde product

Because industrial SBCs, are made with industrial grade semiconductors, that offer a real and truly major lifetime expectation and are manufactured and tested to assure that (typical 10Y of continuous work), while consumer level’s one do not (typical 2y @ 30-50% utilization). 


Because industrial SBCs are developed to be industrial (often opposite of low cost), with high grade connectors, low drift capacitors, extended temperature range quartz that allows your Ethernet or USB continue working also outside the classic 0-70° for example.


Because industrial architecture of SBC, has been designed thinking to what may happen in the industrial environment, starting from good quality locked connectors up to techniques to protect against EMC pulses or humidity.

Why does your 2 year old $1000 cell phone start slowing down and creating errors?

Because the software is being continually upgraded and may not support the older hardware and because the hardware is designed to run for 2 years, not 10.

Is this enough?

If not, you need to know that an industrial grade SBC has been manufactured as industrial, with precise and extensive 100% production test done on each single computer, while the production process is traceable and any inconvenience that may occur, is investigable, traceable and solvable by somebody that’s dedicated to that assistance and support. In this case that is Novasom Industries, Inc.

Industrial grade means not only to use industrial components: means industrial high quality!

We believe that a good technical support is one of the key of our and your's success. To give you the best services we can, our engineer need to understand your request , may be replicate the probem you ask , and give you a proper and sure answer. In order to do this in a structured way, we use a process and a management tools that will require a minimum process time and proper tools to avoid miss information with " quick email" .

Thanks for understand that.

Please follow the instructions below

Step 1 - Fill in the form

Step 1 - Fill in the form

To better help you, we need to identify you and your company. Please insert your company e-mail and your company name in order to allow us to easily identify you and to offer to you the best possible support. To send the request, you must accept the support conditions. After completing everything, click "Send".

This authorization will be done as soon as possible, within our business working day UTC + 2. As soon as we process the request, typically 24-48h, you will receive an email with the credentials at the email you indicate as contact. Be sure it's correctly written. A phone number will help us in case we need to contact you.

Step 2 - Access credentials

At the e-mail address entered in the initial form, an e-mail will be sent with access credentials.
Step 3 - Login with the credentials you receive

Step 3 - Login with the credentials you receive

Reconnect to the site and, with the your credentials, do the "Login"
Step 4 - Read Documentation or open a Support Case

Step 4 - Read Documentation or open a Support Case

Once logged in you will have the opportunity to choose between "Documentation" and "Cases"

"Documentation" is the section where you can find manuals, application notes and other documentation useful to make your product work. TIP: before opening a case, try to take a look at this section, the resolution of your problem could be at your fingertips.

"Cases" is the section where you can open the real requests for assistance and have a direct contact with our support team. Our target is to help you in the shortest time we can, but our main purpose is to give you a good and proper answer. Those things require time, to understand, because those things are complex and every customer is important to us.
Thanks for understanding
Step 5 - To open the Case go to

Step 5 - To open the Case go to "Cases" and select New Case

Step 6 - Fill the technical support form

Step 6 - Fill the technical support form

A new form will open and you’ll be able to insert the type of request and the type of problem. We ask you to be as precise as possible including, in addition to the problem encountered, and the identification data of the board/product (product number, serial number, DC, order code); in this way we could offer you the best possible support.
After entering all the data, press "Send". The request comes directly to our support team who will try to give you the best assistance in the shortest possible time.
TIP: to make the support as efficient as possible install on your computer Team Viewer, headphones and microphone: they may be useful to communicate with our team.

Move to below step 7

Step 7 - How to see all open Cases (will this be by company or by individual?  If individual you can indicate “your” open cases.)

Step 7 - How to see all open Cases (will this be by company or by individual? If individual you can indicate “your” open cases.)

Pressing "List Case" you’ll have the history of all the open Cases and you will to be able to monitor their statuses, maintain a dialog with our support team and to close once resolved.

Request that once a case is opened you try to maintain a dialog within the case and not start a new case unless it is for a separate “problem” warranting a separate technical investigation.