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Our vision of SAFETY: Switch on and forget


The safety of an SBC like a Novasom board can be assured by a redundant architecture, up to make the system SIL certifiable.


Obviously this increases the cost and complexity of the system, but warranties that if a cpu stops working, there is another able to take control. This is needed in critical applications used in life saving roles.

Cost increase

Excluding these extreme cases, that require time and increases cost of the product, and thinking of our normal customer with an industrial application where an sbc out of service is money, a problem and a stain on your reputation, we think of our Novasom board always as a system that needs to work, work and work.

Our motto is switch on and forget.

So, after the correct understanding of the temp and humidity working condition, the second step is to well understand how the power stage is designed to be well done and reliable.
Yes because the power stage is a common source of system failures and black/brown outs are common, both are ready and able to create problems for your unit.

Not for a Novasom board obviously. Because we think industrialswitch on and forget, remember?

So, for us, the power input line is a serious thing, from the kind of connector we can use, from the old jack that never fails to to the latched kind available on request. But moreover, our boards are designed to be rugged, protected with an available wide range power supply.

The main idea is

to let you power the board with “what you have”, between 6V and 18V, and more on special series.
Not only is the system protected and, under a certain threshold, can work correctly and survive with “dirty” or “dancing” power lines without any unattempt reboot of the system.
Spikes on your power line may be generated by a simple inductive load like a printer or a solenoid that switches on-off, externally from the board, without your permission, and can wander on your system waiting to make trouble.
Very hard to trace trouble, to be understood, and moreover to be solved posthumously.

To avoid that, a Novasom board has been built considering the real working condition, and to give you the peacefulness of the right protection.

Because you need it, and your final customer will thank you forever…