Operating Temperature Range

The big problem is not the lower limit, -20 or -40, but THE UPPER!

Then, generally speaking, and excluding some particular PLLs or analog electronics, not the cases in our Industrial SBC world, all automatically heat themselves while working.

While excluding the ice and humidity problem by doing an appropriate conformal coating to the board, the big problem is in the upper part, where going to 70-80 Celsius, CPU and memory begins to stop operating because the internal temp is near the fuse point of the silicon so… it’s automatic protected

And, moreover, the huge GPU present in many boards, Novasom included, will generate even more heat. Yes we can contrast applying heatsink , but again going at 70-80 celsuis , them dissipating capability is very low and temperature will rise slowly ,but the same.


The result? First of all be aware of the real technical problems, and avoid believing in stories, mysteries or fast news reads on the web. The problems are complex, and a simple explanation is simply not real or not totally exact.


Then, trust in a manufacturer with a solid reputation, who can demonstrate that tests are done, either internally or better externally to achieve to certification like FFC or CE, as Novasom Industries does.

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