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OS or application corruption

The use of secure boot system may be complex, and because of the necessity of a burned CPU that’s no more usable for any other application, the secure boot system creates a functional limit and a significant end user cost.

There is another possibility to secure the overall system offered by a Novasom board.

We can “hash” the application and generate a unique code that’s recorder somewhere into our various places on the board ( flash, nand, emmc, microsd) , and use this hash footprint to validate the application up to the OS level every time we want or need, up to any bootstrap.

Then, depending on the hash comparison result, we may decide to bootstrap application 1 or 2 for example, and manage the situation.

The hash coding, is extremely safe, because it is based on so complex a mathematical algorithm that makes it infeasible that 2 different files get the same hash value.


So your application, is really your application and nobody can hack your system, if you‘ve forecasted this possibility and want to be protected.

And use a Novasom board obviously

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