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The idea of Novasom Board is SWITCH AND FORGET

Hacking from the web

Every system connected to the web can be hacked by somebody that can fraudulently and slyly enter, and change something at os level for example, to halt the system, or at application level, to let the system act differently than intended.

Classic hackers job could be to steal a password , or use remotely and without permission a camera or microphone to record video and conversation.

While this is quite complex, it is possible.

Unfortunately, if you want to enter into your system remotely, you must leave a door open, and as complex a key as you make it, a good hacker can find a way thru that same door.

This was true before the Novasom board has been considered.

While a very good firewall is installable on our Novasom boards and systems, and it’s


a group of SW protection routine that we’ve tested and refined for many years


and absolutely secret ( only the executable is installable on the board, not the source code)

we can still agree that this kind of protection might not be enough.

Because the integrity of our system is a priority, and the idea of a Novasom board is switch on and forget, 


an agent, that will close all the standard SSH, FTP, HTTP input ports.

And into this now closed door, no one can enter.

Yes you may say, good things and how I can communicate with my system?

Because this application, talks in an outbound mode with a server service, where you can login you can see but not control what is happening.
So you’re entering on our service’s web site, not on your board, because nobody can enter there.

And is somebody cracks the web site, eventhough it is also highly protected, it is the web site that goes down, not your application.

Because you’ve used a Novasom board, what else? 

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