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Industrial Grade Product

It’s very easy to say industrial and be happy. Or to read industrial grade somewhere and be happy again. The problems start when the dream ends. A very bad wake up! And now it’s too late to change the setup of your project, so you have to run and try to reduce damages and losses.


Why industriAl garde product

Because industrial SBCs, are made with industrial grade semiconductors, that offer a real and truly major lifetime expectation and are manufactured and tested to assure that (typical 10Y of continuous work), while consumer level’s one do not (typical 2y @ 30-50% utilization). 


Because industrial SBCs are developed to be industrial (often opposite of low cost), with high grade connectors, low drift capacitors, extended temperature range quartz that allows your Ethernet or USB continue working also outside the classic 0-70° for example.


Because industrial architecture of SBC, has been designed thinking to what may happen in the industrial environment, starting from good quality locked connectors up to techniques to protect against EMC pulses or humidity.

Why does your 2 year old $1000 cell phone start slowing down and creating errors?

Because the software is being continually upgraded and may not support the older hardware and because the hardware is designed to run for 2 years, not 10.

Is this enough?

If not, you need to know that an industrial grade SBC has been manufactured as industrial, with precise and extensive 100% production test done on each single computer, while the production process is traceable and any inconvenience that may occur, is investigable, traceable and solvable by somebody that’s dedicated to that assistance and support. In this case that is Novasom Industries, Inc.

Industrial grade means not only to use industrial components: means industrial high quality!