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Waiting for Cortex A53 & 72

We’re witnessing the usual, race of the numbers.

We’re obliged now to have a 1GHz machine, and wait for the 2GHz. As long as we’re addicted to “more ram is better than less”, or “quad core better than dual”. This could be true, but the real step ahead has been done by the technology change. A second more thin level can be done by running the numbers.

We’ve assisted in the explosion of these things with the glorious Arm architecture V7A, with its 32 bit speedy multicore capability, having changed our idea of the capability of a “small” CPU like it was.

And making possible a huge class of applications going from the smartphone to the tablet, and smart devices in general.

Now we’re waiting for the next generation, already announced and posted on the real market using the Arm V8, mainly running at 64 bit.

While excluding the new-most updated peripheral that every CPU manufacturer may or may not include, like UDH, audio, pciexpress multilane or things like that, the jump is amazing.
The amount of data (information) that can be managed jumping form 32 bit to 64 is huge.
As huge as the difference in performance that’s expected with the A53-72 cortex expected on the market soon.

Or already here? We’ll see...

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