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Infotainment & Digital Signage

In order to offer a maximized return on the cost of advertising, shopping center operators are providing interactive infotainment systems to broadcast digital content.

Infotainment & Digital Signage

Through this new marketing communication approach, operators can extend their target audience reach by making the content delivery more accurate and real-time.

Digital signage is now everywhere we turn. With the low cost per viewer and an eye catching interactive experience along with the dynamic digital information remotely controlled, they are providing a great platform for advertisers who want to reach a target potential customer near the point of purchase and near the time of a buying decision.
To be effective these platforms must run 24/7 without problem.

Novasom Industries presents a wide range of solutions to fulfill these diverse demands such as
the M series products.


We support 4K resolution with H265 HW encoding


We can drive any display, of any size, with any connection bus, as well as its touchscreen


We solve the crazy problem that may appear not only at a connector–bus point of view but at a kernel-driver level


No scratch, no stress.


We have designed our systems to be always on 24/7 by adding an embedded UPS that keep the boards alive when blackouts arrive.


From a SW point of view many applications have been already installed with succes.