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Speed, Speed, Speed and again SPEED

Innovative Networking - ICT Solutions

With the ever increasing bandwidth demand from clients’ applications, it is extremely important to avoid choosing an O.S. or an application level that has to ask: “Where the TCP/IP packet that needs to be forwarded?”

Yes, we agree, this is the main job of an ICT HW application: route TCP/IP packet from a WiFi to a LAN, or between LANs, and so on.

Fully considering that, we have developed our N1 family, where the TCP/IP handling is done by a dedicated hardware engine and loads neither the CPU nor the O.S. nor an application level.

The result: Speed, Speed, Speed and again SPEED. Exactly what you need! In addition, we have added, for increased reliability


a design that avoids any stoppage of your services


dedicated UPS manager that keeps you from having to buy an additional system


a dual power input that gives relief to the most frequent fault: power supply failure

These are the basics for a 24/7 system.
The Novasom Industries N1 has been designed to be hosted by a mini ITX format chassis, that is a standard on the standard, and it gives you mPCIe slots to plug in additional options like a WiFi card or a RAID controller and complete your application.
Install it and forget it.