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Novasom Industries’ vision of Quality

The words Quality and Reliability are sometimes confusing. In some circles to measure “quality” is to measure if it works properly on arrival, and to measure “reliability” is to measure how long it works properly.

For the purposes of this paper we will use the word “Quality” to mean a combination of these meanings of both quality and reliability.

Quantity is something you can count, Quality is something you can count on

Joe Sutter – the father of the Boeing 747

As a tribute to this extraordinary man, that made long distance travel possible today, we keep this concept in mind for everything we do and have built it into our business model.
An Industrial Single Board computer should be a solution build to last, carefully engineered from project concept thru complete process control to be: “built to last”.

While this costs time and money in the beginning, it saves more time and more money later.

Competing in a global market where everyone wants inexpensive, immediate and long term availability, we needed to deeply consider what to offer in this market.
A company offering an single board computer or similar , tagged as industrial ( because it’s easy and inexpensive to say…) to drive a low cost demo board for the CPU manufacturer, or a community board for hobbyists, has made different choices (short cuts sacrificing our idea of quality for lower cost ) for both project design definition and process control, and this will not likely give the required quality profile when using this product for a different application.

Obviously, it cost less and gives you something that’s apparently better priced.

But experience has told us that is not true

Would you like to take advantage of the mistakes we have made, and consider what we’ve discovered at our expense, time and fatigue?

We’re not discussing personal opinion, of what you find yesterday on the web or talking with someone that has heard the story of earning a lot of money doing nothing after inventing the boiled egg and simply got lucky. We don’t believe in this.

We’re experienced people coming from many years of troubles, solved after run after run of corrections and changing of points of view. This is what we put into our Novasom board. Our experience is what can allow you to save time and trouble.

Yes this may cost you something in the beginning. Otherwise it will simply not be real.
You will never simply write a check to your customer? NO. I suppose. Because a company that does not make profit cannot invest, cannot maintain itself, is destined to fail. Is this the kind of supplier you want? No. I suppose again.

We have the industrial vision to develop something that needs, not only to adhere to international safety and certification standards, but that needs to accomplish our experienced vision.
That is our gift to you from us. Much better for you and for all in the long term.

As easy developed product, with no process other that what’s minimally required for defining an assembly, is extremely dangerous, and can become a huge boomerang, that will come back to you when it’s too late to dodge it.
And your product, and business and dreams, will be your major nightmares.

We’re here to help you to avoid that:

With a complex development process for our boards, that includes several check phases and dedicated tools, and, of course, our extraordinarily talented engineers;
With a dedicated manufacturing chain, made by proven assembly plant carefully and continuously watched by our quality engineers;
And with a skilled sales force, able to understand what you need always and especially after you become our customer.

Thank you for choosing Novasom Industries

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