Novasom Industries is committed to give its customers the solutions they need, which is much more than just a standard board.

This approach, often starts from a global picture with our typical opening:” Don’t just tell me what you need, but tell me ‘What do you need to do?’”. We are pleased to offer our customers the benefit of our experience that through innovation allows an optimal solution.

Optimal performance and lowest price, which are universally desired, are often obtainable only by developing a “dedicated project”, especially when volumes of the related board go on several thousand. Every inefficiency is a big problem, every external adapter thought to solve an initial lack is another. And we can also go deep and say: every component you don’t need in your solution is an inefficiency we need to fix. I am not only talking about the direct cost which we can understand (a chip or a connector you don’t need is a clear cost), but also the industrial cost that comes with it: from the purchasing to the assembly to the availability and so on. Ending with the famous: If it isn’t there it can’t break.
We firmly believe in this, because we are an industrial minded company, so reliability, robustness and the strength of our solution is always on our mind.

But how to solve the unpredictable need of any customer with an SBC?

If we add everything, to be able to support everybody always, our SBC will become fat and expensive.

If we think of the infinite permutations, we may have defining an SBC for each, our product catalogue will go up to the moon… so, not feasible.

Thinking and thinking again, and coming from many years of engineering, we have started by defining and producing several lines of SBCs targeted to specific sectors we do business with, from the Industrial HMI to the Low power, or digital signage. This splits the elephantine problem into more human dimensions.
But still, the specific needs within any of these application fields is different for each customer, and the possibility offered by a low-level configuration of the CPU we use will leave us with the assurance that it will still be not optimal because what is unique to the customer is still not done.
Take a GPIO for example: It’s easy to say GPIO, but at the end of the day, you need an input, or you need an output.

So, thinking and studying (yes, we are a thinking engineering company) the idea comes as a flexible design and engineering process with capabilities able to be unmounted and mounted again as soon as the customer’s problem is clearly identified.
By reusing all the things, we have done in a sort of complex copy and paste design, where a lot of things have no risk because the design is already done and proven.

Yes, the big problem was our original risk of spending 10 times the scheduled time

if not even getting blocked by an insolvable technical or industrial problem to develop our original designs.

This is the way we have done do make our catalogue Novasom boards.

As you can now see, our solution using our embedded computer experience, is a sort of



Add needed functions


construction game at the board design level

With our absolute control of the software kernel and using our embedded computer IP and modular functions we can match the customer’s real need with low/no risk. We can embed a customer’s hardware IP if needed for optimization of the solution or, if needed, develop an auxiliary board for easy connections for an ideal solution.

It comes from our R&D clearly. But it is something doable that will give to you the quickest safest solution that you will ever find on the market.

And to better work with our customers, because this magic unmounting and reassembly process requires clear information and working together as a team as the project develops, we have implemented a dedicated collaboration tool that will simplify the job and avoid confusion and misunderstanding: which are our major enemies in this phase.

After that, in a short while, our customer will get their custom product, as magically made as our standard, where it inherits all our experience, summarized into engineering (HW and SW) industrial and manufacturing knowledge that will become “Your Product”.

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