A solution is the complete set of the things needed to solve a problem, not only one part of it. We take care of the overall problem, not just at the board level.

Novasom‘s industrial SBC, has been developed carefully as a balance between performance, strength, price and industrial usage, while trying to do our best to balance flexibility and immediate problem solving capability, looking forward to what our customers need to do with our boards.

Customer’s problems drive our R&D. Our experience tunes it.

  1. Think about coupling a display: How many problems will you face designing the HW/SW connections between your display and your board?
  2. Think again to a missing RS232 or 485, and the USB to 232/485 converter you’re using. Or, again, think of the power supply: how much you spend for it and how many problems you get back in the long term…
  3. A board with everything possibly needed by every customer inside would be much too expensive, bigger and with useless functions.
  4. A board without what you need will oblige you to add external stuff that cost, make problems and require time to make.

A Novasom Board is the perfect solution. Flexibility applied to industrial problems.

And if you cannot spend time to do your connector board, your display coupling, your RF ID reader and so on, we’re here to help you with our knowledge of the problems and of the in depth knowledge of our boards to provide low NRE modifications to give you what you need.

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