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When asked, “If you could wish for one thing
only, what would that wish be?”

Our Mission

The Novasom Industries SBCs and Embedded System are designed to solve problems by thinking about our customers’ applications needs, moreover than to the CPU we use , which we are able to do thanks to the experience gained by our engineers and their decade long problem solving.

It isn’t a “CPU board” that “in general terms is good for everyone”, nor was it intended to “draw out” everything (or almost everything) that’s available from the cpu, which is obviously the thinking core.
A new NOVAsom SBC or an Embedded System  isn’t designed because a new cpu has come out and therefore you have to use it because “new is better than old”.
In a sector like ours which is in constant rapid evolution, this isn’t always true, in fact you could say it’s almost never true.

problem solution At Novasom Industries we don’t follow fashion we sort out your problems. The crux of the matter, that guides our choices over and above our experience, is that our customers have problems and we have to solve them. So we have to understand your problems and provide simple, fast and secure solutions using our experience and specific know how.


This is what has driven and continues to drive our R&D philosophy.

“Tell me what you want to do and I’ll find you the best way to do it”

This is what our sales staff will give you, not just a price list and an item code.