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Flexibility and solutions,
not just a sales pitch.

Our Vision


A NOVAsom isn’t a product that was created to do one thing and then “reused” to make another sale.


A NOVAsom, as we call our products, is created at its origin to solve specific problems across the board, like how to manage a display or use low level peripherals, things that might seem simple but that can hide a multitude of unimaginable pitfalls.


A NOVAsom is the result of years of engineering experience, problem solving, not just time spent making boards.

This is what makes the difference when faced with those “hidden” issues that pop up when it is too late, like an Hardware bug, or low level Firmware that stops you doing something you took for granted, or simply the certification of the boards within our machinery.

What now? Start afresh?

(why follow the road you know and not a new one….)
Most of our competitors create product lines that are “more or less the same” just changing the cpu supplier or models from the same supplier thereby bulking out their market offer.
Doing this, however, wreaks havoc with the programming tools and causes gaps that can impede the creation of expertise (in other words errors) in the various programming interfaces which have to “start all over again”.
Change the CPU, change the world: but is it really necessary?
It is really worth the effort?
Between an American, a Taiwanese and a Japanese CPU there are two (not one) worlds of difference on all fronts, from the documentation layout, development tools and technical support (if available of course…).
Knowing how to program one doesn’t mean knowing how to program another. Far from it.
We at Novasom Industries have decided to use to use ARM or Intel technology CPUs based across the entire range because they are:





the result of considerable investment and produced by the major (and most reliable) manufacturers of semiconductors worldwide. The innate high scalability of a Novasom product allows easy resolution to our customers’ problems without having to “reinvent the wheel“, meaning we can create and exploit our solid expertise to execute long test and debugging sessions on our systems which benefit from the reliability intrinsic to the law of large numbers.

Don’t think about which CPU we use, think about the problems we can solve. What counts is the end, not the means.

A safe CPU means stability, the possibility to generate know-how over time for us and the customer, it guarantees us the ability to deploy sw-kernel-driver features as they are refined globally, to offer an across the board solution: a customer starts with NOVAsom A and ends with NOVAsom B in most cases without having to face any additional problem; and our technical support team is alive and kicking and answers emails and telephone calls!

This is what we mean by problem solving